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Simplifying the Complexities of Managing Business Tasks

Gone are the days when you had to keep a close check on every little detail  of your business’ multitude of tasks. Today, the modern world of business is driven by fingertips, and it is all about keeping things simple, fast and accessible.

Meet TaskSay, a neo-gen business management tool designed with a problem-solving mindset that offers business-owners with a much-deserved sigh of relief. As an organization, the TaskSay advantage gives you to opportunity to run your business with convenience, ease and uncompromised productivity.

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TaskSay Anytime, Anywhere

Map the following parameters of your Organization


  • Maintain your books of accounts
  • Classify your cash books, bank books, and debtors
  • Manage the payment lifecycle for your enterprise


  • Manage and Map the inventory, reverse goods
  • Keep track of returnables & damaged Items
  • Maintain a healthy supply chain of organizations


  • Manage invoice. leads, issues, quotations, & Finances (via. robust CRM tools)
  • Command sales-based performances, debtors, & receipts


  • Manage your purchase lifecycle on the system
  • Build standard purchase orders, receipt notes, & supplier relationships with systematic simplicity


  • Continuously track the life cycle through milestones, tasks, & sub-task mappers
  • Share files on project-based workrooms


  • Facilitate last mile engagement with your key stakeholders
  • Manage enterprise expenses, leaves, assets & employees seamlessly with ease


  • Manage meetings, calls, deadlines, and important tasks on your 
  • Business calendar synced with organization tools for your enterprise


  • Maintain collaboration channels through enterprise drives 
  • Internal Social networks, mailbox collaborations and live chats all in the system


  • Gain a bird’s-eye view of your organizational health
  • Maintain department-wise reports in your accounts, sales, purchase, stocks, and projects through state-of-the-art analytics

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