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Utilize the power of Tasksay to Collaborate better!

Adopt state of the art collaboration tools to optimize your enterprise perfomance, optimally!

Collaboration & Productivity Tools

A communication gap amongst people is often a cause for lack of clarity and disputes in delivery. Utilize collaboration and Productivity tools from Tasksay to ensure that your teams never lose the essence of teamwork and ensure excellence through easy to use and neo-gen applications that your enterprise to the next level whilst enabling optimum communication.

Engage your enterprise and team members with Collaboration and Productivity tools from Tasksay and share notes, introduce a collaborative and social network exclusively for your enterprise, chat with stakeholders and manage organization calendars on-the-go.


Our Features

With Tasksay Collaboration and Productivity products, your business gets :

Inhouse Social Network

A custom and inhouse social network exclusively for your enterprise where you can share, appreciate and post on feeds by your peers. Engage socially, like never before.

Collaboration and Chatting tools

State-of-the-art collaboration and real time chatting and collaboration tools enabling one-to-one group communication and document sharing in real time.


A Peer to peer calendar sharing and task mapping interface enabling you to schedule events on a calendar format. Manage dates, timings and appointments effectively for your teams.


A snapshot of your enterprise data schedules highlighting important dates and schedules for your business. Manage enterprise related deadlines, deliverables and important dates, centrally.


What you are to deliver as a team or an individual is best when it is spoken to you from a perspective of tasks to be accomplished. The core of Tasksay is your custom task management interface.


Manage notes and schedules centrally and allocate and share it with respective stakeholders for purposes of reference, notification and beyond for optimal collaboration & deliverables.

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The Tasksay collaboration & productivity suite enables your organization to manage internal collaboration and correspondences so that teams are on the same page, literally! Get in touch to know the limitless possibilities of Collaboration solutions from Taskay for your enterprise.