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Better Business,
Better Returns with the power of Tasksay

Become a Tasksay Partner to give new wings to your business.

Add Tasksay to your product basket in increase your profitability, drastically.

Enroll. Train. Scale

Join a pool of Enterprise Partners and take your business to new heights.

Welcoming On-board Tech companies, Software Resellers, BPOS, Investors, Digital Transformation Partners and Process Consultancies.


Your're an existing Tasksay user. Get Tasksay Credit/ Direct Benefits.


Resell Tasksay software and earn upto 30% commission on every sale.

System Integrator

Work on custom solutions on the Tasksay ecosystem.


Got a knack for training? Explore Trainer engagement possibilities.


A business-to-business, symbiotic engagement for all things Tasksay.

BPO Partner

If outreach is your strength, Tasksay is your Gold.


Enable investee firms to automate and enable real-time reporting.


The Tasksay Reseller Advantage

  • Board-Spectrum- In most cases; you think it, we got it!
  • Industry wide- Servicing an array of industries readily.
  • Customisable- End-to-End customisable with workflows.
  • High Commissions- Upto 30% commission on every sale.
  • Renewal Packages- Get paid, even on renewals of customers.
  • Joining Bonus- $1000 Tasksay Credit for your enterprise.
  • Tasksay for your Business- Witness the power of Tasksay CRM.
  • Training Support- Initiation, Hand-holding and Training support
  • Marketing Support- Marketing support to kickstart your business.

Zero Investment, Infinite Returns


What we offfer

Business Applications : We are, at the core, a product company at heart!

Marketplaces: A curated range of marketplaces that promote business.

Services: Endless possibilities with customisations in workflows and matrices.

Added Advantages

Networking : Network with fellow resellers and Aggregators for business enhancement.

Increased Visibility : Increased Visibility for your business on Tasksay & multiple forums.

Training & Support : Unconditional handholding for all things Tasksay for you & your business.


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Together, let's empower you so you can empower your business.