Frequently Asked Questions

Tasksay SSO is a single sign-on that is powered by Tasksay. One sign-in will give you access to all your Tasksay applications under one umbrella. You can leave behind the worries for multiple access credentials for multiple products.

Connected Apps are applications which speak to each other and help in cross-application empowerment to generate data and reports for you. Unless mentioned explicitly, all applications in the Tasksay ecosystem are connected to each other.

Standalone Applications are applications that are self-sufficient and can be used independently by your enterprise. Examples of this are : AssureBooks, Easeprocure, Logbids, Vorkflo and Rackdocs.

With Tasksay, we promote your Happy workplace by empowering your workforce with proprietary tools that are/comes with:
  • Easy to use
  • End to End Customizable
  • Cost Effective with rapid Return on Investments (RoI)
  • Detailed with process implementation
  • Can be tailor-made with the workflow of your company
  • Integratable with exisiting softwares
  • Managed Services and Onsite deployments
  • Preconfigured reporting Schedules
  • Best in class Support

No, we do not ask for credit/ debit card details for the free-trial. You may continue utility on free tiers on certain products without having to share these details.

You can opt in for consultant training services and, at the same time, refer to the in-depth knowledge base and webinars to empower yourself with all things Tasksay.

Change is never easy but it is the only constant. Leverage implementation partner support and scheduled webinars for your team to enable them to carry out change management and support. The ease of working and reduction in tasks through optimisation will only enable them to contribute further.

The upgrade on the suite is a continuous and ongoing process. The suite is upgraded continually and loaded with new features.

If you are an Enterprise who's looking to explore new business avenues and expand your portfolio, request you to visit our Partner and reseller page here.

Yes, you can handle multiple branches of the enterprise on your system. Be sure to configure the different region-wise rules on the geographical locations and compliances.

Every product has a mentioned cancellation policy attached to the product. The cancel/unsubscribe functionality is a fundamental offering to the customers and all Tasksay products ensure the offerings.

The product portfolio is hosted on the best digital services like AWS, Digital Ocean and follows stringent and industry standard encryption standards and security protocols followed by peers. Rest assured, your data is safer than it is if it is hosted at your end. For more details, request you to visit our {Security} page.

If you want to run software on-prem, suggest you to have a look into {Vorkflo} as a product offering.

The product is end-to-end customisable. Reach out to us or affiliate partners for any customisations you may need.

You can get in touch with our support services anytime for any sales or service related queries.