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Modern data visualization tools and analytical dashboards for your enterprise data.

Save time for viewing and analysing independent data and utilise the power of BI.

When what you see, saves time and, makes the difference.
Reports, Analytics & BI

A graphical overview of busines activities suggesting what went right for your business and what didn't. Use powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tools and analytics for making vital business discussions and empower your enterprise to manage and mitigate any bottenecks that can be foreseen. Map and manage your organizational health and map it against quantifiable indices.

Engage members of your management team to generate automated MIS reports, dashboards and graphic reports and utilize them for better prediction and data visualization. Generate custom reports as per your specifications to map and monitor performance of your business.


Our Features

With Tasksay BI, your business gets :

MIS Reports

Powerful MIS reports for intended stakeholders to make immediate sense of numeric or textual data.

Graphs and Charts

A new, easy way to present critical enterprise data through graphs and charts, effectively.

Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards to gamify and enhance the output of dedicated stakeholders across sectors.


Never miss out on data points, even by accident and let visual data representation do its magic for you.


Analyse and understand better the flow of data within your organization and collaborate seamlessly.

Promoter views

As Management Stakeholder, get dedicated promoter terminals to view the custom flow of analysed data in your enterprise

Logic Capabilities

Build in data centric logic flows to focus, forecast and make appropriate sense through calculations and predictive analysis.

Data Visualisation

Visualise in seconds what may take hours in an ideal scenario and work with contextual forms dedicated to your enterprise.

Data Translation

No matter what size your organization is, work effectively by creating data-forms and translate into visual context, to ease work, today.

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The Tasksay Reports, Analytics and BI suite enables your business to visualize data and take decisive steps towards empowering your enterprise through powerful analytics and data synopsis. Get in touch to know the limitless possibilities of BI solutions from Taskay for your enterprise.