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Increase your Productivity output by 20% through state of the art Manufacturing tools from Tasksay.

Work towards better facilitation of manufacturing, scheduling and Planning with manufacturing automation tools from Tasksay MFG- A Tasksay Product.

Manufacturing and Quality

Utlize Tasksay to optimize your manufacturing process and manage, in real-time, a plethora of tasks which would manually take days to complie in minutes. Optimize your production workflows and manage your production process effectively. Perform various production related tasks such as planning, requisition and quality control on your fingertips using Tasksay.

As an enterprise, have better control over your branches, godowns and warehouses to manage critical production activities like planning, Intermidate goods manufacturing, Forecast, Costing, Material Requisition and Planning (MRP), Maintenance, compliance and so much more.


Our Features

A few salient features of the Manufacturing and Quality System include:

Production Planning

Plan your production and communicate seamlessly to your production team about production schedules.

RM Testing Automation

Transform the Raw Material test cycles through audit friendly channels in accordance to your Workflow.

Process Log Automation

Automate process workflows through state-of-the-art and easy to use Process Management tools to map, monitor and maintain process cycles in production

Continuous / Batch-wise Production

Be it Stage-wise, Process-wise or, Batch-wise, your production cycle is assured to be under your control.

FG Testing Automation

Ascertain stringent test parameters for Finished Goods & ensure that your production output is up to the mark, every time.

Deviation Mapping

Manage and Maintain deviation indices to streamlines and better align manufacturing processes to appropriate output standards.

Control Room Automation

Move over conventional white board communications to monitor production planning on the go.

Production Calendar

Maintain effective timelines and schedules in Production Calendar format to demonstrate work schedules, periodically.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage with last-mile stakeholders in the organization to ensure grass-root involvement in the production process.

Reports and Analytics

Use powerful reports and analytics to ensure you are monitoring the right parameters to keep the organizational effectiveness in check.

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The Tasksay Manufacturing and Quality Management suite enables you to engage with your production and quality teams and optimize production related outputs and reporting. Get in touch to know the limitless possibilities of Manufacturing & Quality solutions from Tasksay for your enterprise.