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An Easy-to-use, robust Project Management System for your enterprise

Map your Planning, Project Life Cycle, Expense, Teams and Issues under one roof.

Seamlessly manage your Project Life Cycle, like never before.
Projects & Process Management

Manage, on Tasksay, Critical aspects of Projects and Process Management for your business. As an enterprise, optimize your process related activities and adhere to costs and timelines for deliverables. Go to the depth of functions by ensuring that your team and/or partners comply with processes, manage tasks categorically and deliver excellence every single time.

As an organization, utilize Tasksay to empower your enterprise with robust tools to conduct Project Management, Research and Development Management, CAD and Project Based Drawing Management, Innsurance, IT Desk, Job Work and Distributor Management effectively.


Our Features

A few salient features of the Project Management System include:

Organization Management

Manage effectively, your organization, branches and project and profit allocation centers seamlessly under one roof.

Project Planning

Plan, forecast and deliver execution lifecycles and analyse project bottlenecks and compliance, every step of the way.

Project Life Cycle

Never miss important deadlines, dependency management, pace of project execution and cost compliance under the Project Lifecycle Management functionalities.

Project Team Allocation

Allocate the right people for the right job. Give dedicated access through advanced user management systems for all your projects, today.

Milestone Management

Manage important milestones and deadlines and map any non compliances on executions to deliver optimum project outputs.

Task Management

Classify Milestones into various tasks for deep level analysis and work step by step collaboratively for optimum project output.

Sub-Task Management

Dig deeper into the Project Lifecycle by classifying tasks into sub-tasks for last mile engagements in your project execution.

Material Management

Manage dedicated project related materials and maintain optimum levels of material and quantifiable consumption parameters in every project undertaking.

Project Calendar

Effectively Analyse overlaps, extensions and plan realistically through state of the art Project Calendar Management for your project lifecycle.

Contract Management

Manage end-to-end project life cycles with contractors and service providers and adhere to delivery schedules as per plan.

Issue Management

Manage, under one roof, issues related to individual projects and address and delegate accordingly to better resolve any project related challenges that may arise.

Data Security & SSO

Being a part of the Tasksay ecosystem ensures access through your dedicated Tasksay credentials and robust data security parameters.


If there’s something additional that you’re looking for on your Projects System, feel free to reach out to us and our services team will make it happen for you.

Reports and Analytics

Utilise powerful reports and analytics in your Project Lifecycle and never miss an update in the execution of your projects, hereafter.

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