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Get Competitive Quotes from Multiple Vendors for your logistics requirements

Fetch multiple Quotations for your transport requirements through Inquiries & Reverse Auctions for Trucks,Trailers, Reefers, Tankers, Air and Sea from multiple vendors at one place.

Best Logistics and Quotation Management Software

A Marketplace of Transporters & Forwarders

Seamlessly automate your negotiations and Save Upto 20% on your logistics quotes through an audit friendly tool. Fetch rates for your logistics requirements anywhere,anytime through multiple transporters!

Easy Accounting & Fleet Management Solutions for Transporters

Integrated Business Development portal for Truckers and Forwarders with AssureBooks enabling easy accounting and fleet management for transport service providers.


As a company, Discover new transporters & Forwarders

Discover new transporters and freight forwarders with the flexibility to empanel your existing vendors who can quote directly on the system. Automate your quotations, negotiations life cycle and witness hard-core savings on your logistics consignments.


Audit Friendly, Transparent & Real-Time Quotations

Automate your logistics quotation process through audit friendly templates . Upload consignment specific details and fetch competitive quotations from multiple vendors in a marketplace format.

Our Features

Features, Services and offerings of Logbids include

Marketplace Access

Get access to a pool of Domestic and Import-Export Transporters and empanel your existing vendors for free for competitive quotes.

International Forwarder Quotes

Discover and attain quotes from multiple forwarders, Air cargo and Shipping lines for optimized quotes for your Import-Export requirements.

Domestic Transporter Quotes

Get quotes for trucks, trailers, LCVs, Tankers and Reefers fetched from the marketplace and existing vendors for your business.

RFQ Management

Manage all your logistics quotations in an audit friendly format at a single place for you to revisit at any given point of time.

Reverse Auctions

Convert RFQs to reverse auctions to automate your negotiations and attain competitive quotes from the marketplace or, from exclusive vendors.

Reports and Analytics

Maintain timely and organized data for auditing, comparision and occasionally, for root cause analysis.

client Service

Client Service

Opt for Managed services portfolio for your variant of LogBids and ensure maximum participation on your inquiries through dedicated relationship management and support.


Domestic Consignments

Extend your outreach to the right service providers catering to your precise domestic requirements for your requisition and negotiation automation.

Domestic Consignment

International Consignments

Reach out to your empanelled service providers for best-in-class rates and centralized requisition mapping for your Import-Export consignments by Air or, by Sea.

Our Managed Services


Training and Support

Your business process is important to us. We work hand in hand with your teams to train the end users to optimally and effectively utilize the software for best quotes and vendor discovery. An initial onboarding may also be carried in clusters during onboarding to empanel and train your existing vendors to quote on the system.

onSite Deployment

Quotation boosting functionalities

A majority of the functions are catered to in the Software-as-a-Service module (SaaS) of logbids. However,when it comes to bulk scheduling & service upgrades, it is beneficial to work in tandem with the pre-existing quotations management team on the ground outsourced to us for maximum vendor participation.

Advantages of LogBids Implementation


The Shipper

There's lots you can gain with an optimum engagement with LogBids. The entire offering is designed to ensure smooth transition in the logistics quotation management process of your enterprise and ensure maximum participation in fetching rates. A few quantifiable advantages are listed below:

  • Domestic & International Rate Mapping
  • Competitive Marketplace Quotes
  • Negotiation Automation
  • Audit friendly rate schedules
  • Process Transparency and Management Intimations
  • Workflow Automation & Managed Services
  • Robust Savings & New Vendor Discovery
  • Analytics and Reporting
service Provider

The Service Provider

As a transporter or a freight forwarder, the benefit of the offering is to ensure a steady flow of inquiries and last-mile connections with your customers. The system is designed to ensure deeper engagement with your shipping customers, find new business and help you plan your dispatch cycle while you understand client specifications and deliver better services. The system effectively encompasses the following features :

  • New Customer identification & Inquiry Management
  • Integration with Assurebooks for better business management
  • Logistics specific Customer Relationship Management
  • Geography specific inquiries
  • Better Return Journey Planning for Back bidding
  • Integrated Fleet Management Solutions
  • Better Systems and processes
  • Analytics and Reorting

Get in touch

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LogBids is the easiest way for organization to manage and automate their Logistics Quotation fetching process and move a step closer to oganization & transparency.